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           SCIENCE is at a Crossroad:

           Is Ours a Material World


           A World of Conscious Energy?


"Mankind  must learn to look upon matter as a transient motion picture record of the idea which it simulates--a cosmic cinema thrown upon the screen of space."

                                    Walter Russell 

SCIENCE is man's study of our world; our reality. Some of our science is right and some wrong. What's right leads us toward understanding of where we came from and what sustains us. GOD is how we refer to the cause and the force of life. YOU and I have but to seek to find

"the truth that makes you free."

       Jim Gleeson's BLOG is available from this site as well as links to both paperback and Kindle versions of his "novels about the truth" and other writings. His major work:

     SCIENCE, GOD and YOU-

     The Ancient Theory of  Everything



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