Jim Gleeson's SCIENCE GOD and YOU-- The Ancient Theory of Everything --Out Soon!

What is the relationship between the latest developments in Science and God's Truth which underlies Man's Religion? The Theory of Everything isn't Physics or Math-- It's ANCIENT and it involves YOU! SCIENCE GOD AND YOU--The Ancient Theory of Everything will be available in OCTOBER, 2016 Sign up on to be notified of it's availability. Science God and You—The Ancient Theory of Everything—The Book that couldn’t be written—Until NOW. SCIENCE is at a crossroad, Materialism or Conscious Energy? Religion is at a crossroad, Is GOD an old man in Heaven or is God the Unified Field? How will the answers affect YOU? Find out. Science now says we exist in an Infinite Unifi


Was it Six Days or 14 Billion Years? Yes! Here in the first few years of the 21st century, we now know that Einstein’s theory of relativity is true—at least to the extent that time and space are really one thing and they are relative. Time as we perceive it is relative to speed of motion. There are differences in the passage of time –it’s referred to as time dilation. Time, in a location with high velocity—high gravity-- will be slower than an area with low velocity—low gravity. Dr. Gerald Schroeder in his book, The Science of God, explains how there are billions of places in the universe where a clock would tick so slowly that it would take billions of years for it to tick off six earth-day

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