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I don’t generally address political issues here on Science, God and You, but this is Yuge and rises to a level which will affect our faith in science as well as our government.

We could be at a point in our relatively brief American history when it all rises to the surface. I mean everything—the fog lifting on the reality behind Corruption, Conspiracies, Control, Censorship.

One of Donald Trump’s biggest campaign issues is our “terrible international trade deals” and how our politicians are continually outwitted by the superior negotiators of other major countries. He says he wrote THE ART OF THE DEAL and he will change all that.

But what if there is another reason for all our “bad deals”—a reason other than “stupid politicians.” What if it’s not that US politicians are all stupid—what if it’s something much worse—and more dangerous.

SCENARIO ONE: When Donald Trump gets elected, and he will if the majority of the people get their votes counted and there are no heinous acts by a “crazed lone gunman.” In late January, 2017 he will begin his attempt to correct all the incredibly bad deals we have made with foreign governments. When he does he will find out the real reason for the lopsided foreign trade deals put in place since as far back as the late sixties.

At that point he will receive an awakening the size of Trump Tower. Yes, politicians have done some very stupid things, far more stupid than just bad trade deals. Trump and the entire Trump family will be blackmailed, threatened and otherwise intimidated to keep his big mouth shut or…

SCENARIO TWO: Trump already knows the real reason behind all the bad trade deals. His plan under this version would be that he will announce to the world the real reason and the immense scandal behind it. This will expose nearly fifty years of cover-up for the largest (in scope, if not body-count) fraud in US and possibly world history, making him both the most hated and revered president—ever.

The repercussions of this scenario, assuming Trump somehow survives it, would be “YUGE.” This would unleash havoc not experienced since the civil war-- investigations and indictments not only on the initial expose, but on every other conspiracy theory since JFK.

The biggest opposing argument faced by those who suggest and investigate possible alternate realities behind world events (to the left-- conspiracy theorists) is— “How could they keep it a secret? Thousands of people were involved! Someone would talk!”

Some have. It’s an indictment of the mainstream media that they are too weak to dare to investigate or air information that the government does not want exposed. There is, available to all, copious evidence expressed by men and women who were in positions to know or find out, which will never see the light of network studios. Unless…

When the truth comes out, verified by countries around the world—undeniable proof—this argument which helps keep the lid on all major conspiracy theories will be vaporized and open the door to the full exposure and subsequent re-litigation of many supposedly settled attacks, assassinations, bombings and disasters, which could no longer be taken at face value.

Known within various governments by different circumstances and kept under wraps for different reasons, in fact, it is impossible to keep anything a secret from everyone. But everyone has his price.

It is now understood that John Kennedy “misspoke” in 1963 when he set a public goal for putting Americans on the moon by the end of the decade. He reportedly regretted making such an unattainable, lofty goal but couldn’t unsay it. The US had only at that time put astronauts in sub-orbital flights and had had many failures. He had said, “We will do the hard things…because they are hard.” This was a bold speech and an inspirational one, but the Moon goal proved impossible.

Sometime between 1964 and 1967 someone at NASA came to the realization that they were decades away from possessing the technology necessary to get astronauts to the moon and back safely. Today, nearly fifty years later it is clear we still do not possess the many technologies to accomplish this feat. For the full story see links below. Principal among these technologies is the ability to transport humans through the Van Allen radiation belts which exist 400-10,000 miles above the earth, well beyond altitude of Earth orbit.

This has finally been inadvertently admitted by NASA in its own video by one of their engineers, Kelly Smith.

He clearly stated, as many have known for years, that the US still did not possess the technology to get humans through the Van Allen radiation belts and away from the earth toward the moon or any other heavenly body. This is one of literally hundreds of pieces of evidence that the US never went to or landed on the moon and that the video and still photography was created on Earth or low-earth orbit. A few of these pieces of evidence are bullet-proof. For non-believers here is uncut NASA video clearly proving not only that they were actually in low earth orbit when “live video” purported to show the three Apollo 11 astronauts halfway to the moon.

We (many) have known for years that the moon landings were faked (along with the later NASA photos of the “moon landing sites” which “proved” they were not) and we know that other countries must know they were faked.

Obviously, other governments have been able to see through this myth. Would they give away this evidence just to embarrass the US and get nothing in return? Or would they play it smart and hold this colossal fraud over the collective head of the US government?

Sounds simplistic, particularly in light of the subsequent collapse of the USSR. It seems like that would have been a great time to call in their marker and keep the failed communist state charade going. Perhaps they did. Maybe the collapse would have been much worse if they hadn’t. Maybe the US has the fact that the USSR had more than a few unpublicized cosmonaut deaths of its own, or other atrocities, to hold over the head of the Russian government. I don’t pretend to know.

But it is clear to anyone willing to look at the evidence that we have never been to the moon and a few of the G8 had or have the technology to know full well the truth of the Apollo missions.

We may all know soon-- or not-- and Trump will be either in grave danger and a hero for exposing the biggest fraud in history, or a laughing stock for being unable to make a dent in all the “bad deals” which will continue to result from a faked moon landing and the resultant extortion.

Jim Gleeson

Please see links below for hours of investigative research by brave internet journalists and technology experts the world over—especially watch Bart Sibrel’s A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE MOON.

Bart Sibrel Interview (unedited)

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