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Brief excerpt from SCIENCE, GOD and YOU-- The Ancient Theory of Everything

By Jim Gleeson, coming this December


Can you imagine a university devoted to unlearning?-- science departments helping students forget what they’ve all been taught about the world; a political science college intent on wiping young minds of all remembrance of political ideas; perhaps a liberal arts department able to erase from thought all connection to both the liberal and the conservative. This sounds strange, even to me, but let me tell you a story as an example of what I am getting at:

You are attending your first class at True U and the instructor calls on you from the class of fifty to “volunteer.” You want to impress your new friends so you stand and come forward. The instructor asks your name. You say, “Kelly.”

“Kelly,” says the instructor, as you stand facing the class. “Let me ask you to imagine a thick cloud all around your head and body.” The class chuckles. “That shouldn’t be hard,” someone says.

“Close your eyes, Kelly, and imagine that every idea, memory, thought, belief—anything you’ve seen, experienced, or been taught is spinning in a cloud around you. Your whole life is there all around you. The cloud is so thick and the noise so loud you can’t see or hear anything else. All you can do is barely hang on to the most current input—your instructor tormenting you in front of your peers!”

The class laughs and Kelly shrugs and the instructor signals for quiet.

“Your entire experience of life,” the instructor says, “is seen through this cloud, or as the Bible says, ‘through a glass darkly.”

“Now, I want you, Kelly to imagine that now--” He moves toward Kelly with his arms open, “If you will allow me, I will lift this entire cloud including what you are experiencing now, up and off from around you.” He lifts the invisible cloud from over Kelly’s head. “I’m going to place it over here in the corner.” He moves to the corner with the cloud, places it carefully on the floor and returns to Kelly.

“Now, Kelly, what are you without that cloud?”

Kelly smiles a bemused smile and gives an almost imperceptible shrug.

“Kelly, you are the TRUE YOU!—Y. O. U. The cloud wasn’t you any more than the clouds around your classmates are them.” He turns and smiles at the class. The instructor backs up and speaks over Kelly’s shoulder, but so the class can hear, “you are now free to see the world as it really is! In reality, your only problem is that no one can lift the cloud from around you—not even TRUE University. We can help but you have to do the heavy lifting yourself. It’s what we here at TRUE U call ‘homework.’”

Our education system prepares the young for a temporary place in a temporary world because it’s all the world knows. We make believe we are here for no other reason than to “make our parents proud,” or “build a better mousetrap,” or even “put a dent in world hunger.” What if the Toltecs were right—we’re each in our own version of The Truman Show. But since we’re all in one huge “The Human Show,” no one notices.

We’ve all heard or even thought—isn’t it strange that science fiction often seems to become science fact? It’s also strange that the more instantaneous and pervasive human communication becomes, the faster human “reality” changes. With science now telling us that our collective consciousness causes our world, it’s no wonder we have been suspicious of this for many years. It’s TRUE, but how does it relate to YOU?

How do you lift the cloud from around your consciousness? TRUE University doesn’t really exist, but you don’t need it. You need a mustard seed.

Jim Gleeson 2016

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