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Jim Gleeson's SCIENCE GOD and YOU-- The Ancient Theory of Everything --Out Soon!

What is the relationship between the latest developments in Science and God's Truth which underlies Man's Religion? The Theory of Everything isn't Physics or Math--

It's ANCIENT and it involves YOU!

SCIENCE GOD AND YOU--The Ancient Theory of Everything will be available in OCTOBER, 2016

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Science God and You—The Ancient Theory of Everything—The Book that couldn’t be

written—Until NOW. SCIENCE is at a crossroad, Materialism or Conscious Energy?

Religion is at a crossroad, Is GOD an old man in Heaven or is God the Unified Field? How will the answers affect YOU? Find out.

Science now says we exist in an Infinite Unified Field of Conscious Energy. IF the Unified Field is infinite, can there be anything… ELSE…anything else but consciousness—Consciousness that causes everything we are and everything we experience. And we are part of that consciousness. The world is not –“OUT THERE” The world is inside YOU!

What is the relationship between SCIENCE, GOD and YOU? This is the ANCIENT THEORY OF EVERYTHING.

Jim Gleeson’s years of insightful research and his ability to make deep and complex issues understandable, is helping those with open minds navigate through a confused, illusionary world, to the narrow bridge that leads to Peace-- the Peace that Passes Understanding.

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