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Our Newest Book is coming out very soon so we wanted to let people know that this is

no ordinary book!

The TRUTH BOMBS are very short "Nuggets from SCIENCE, GOD and YOU that 1

preview the important and topical nature of "The Book that Couldn't be Written Until Now!"

SCIENCE GOD and YOU-- The Ancient Theory of Everything will help thousands bring peace to their lives and understand where it comes from and how to make it permanent!

The book traces the arrival of establishment science to a CROSSROADS--one road in which

the old materialism that says the world is a physical, "fixed place" which we temporarily inhabit--and

the other road we now know is the strange, but real reality caused by consciousness. The macro-world, which is our senses' perception of the micro-world we can't see (the world of quantum physics) is actually comprised of varied energy frequencies and exists only in terms of "probabilities."

The book makes the argument that only the bravest scientists will and have suggested--

that Materialism is dead and establishment science must embrace the reality that our mind or our senses don't acknowledge or "record" the world around us--they somehow create it.

The relationship between current science and our limited understanding of spirituality (call it the unified field if you prefer) becomes extremely important if we are to use our consciousness to improve

the world, both individually and collectively. And we can!

I call it "The Ancient Theory of Everything" because science will never, by itself, be capable of arriving

at the much anticipated Theory of Everything that scientists like Steven Hawking have been seeking. The theory, in order to cover or include the full breath of the reality that created and maintains whatever we are a part of, must, of course, include, at a minimum, access to the spiritual reality that we exist within.

The book has three parts--Part 1 SCIENCE, 2 GOD and 3 YOU. SCIENCE includes understandable explanations of Relativity, Space-time, The Human Genome and much more.

Part 2, GOD covers the controversial gap between Modern Christianity and the original teachings of Christ. Christianity, even before the compiling of the King James Bible, has been de-spiritualized to correspond to the materialization of science after Copernicus, Newton, and modern establishment scientists. Christ's teaching and daily demonstrations were clearly intended to illustrate the spiritual nature of man and the illusion of the "physical," and not to start a religion. He did teach the only truth that exists and its the same basic reality taught by Eastern profits and philosophers. Jesus Christ was however "born of God" and overcame death.

Part 3, is an exciting survey of the many modern avenues available to anyone with a mind open to truth to learn to identify with Infinite Intelligence, God, Truth, Principle and experience peace in their lives --to the extent of their discipline.

There are no other books out there that attempt to tell the whole story of the "Human Predicament."

Science is catching up to the wisdom of the ages and yielding what I call THE ANCIENT THEORY OF EVERYTHING.

SCIENCE GOD AND YOU-- The Ancient Theory of Everything will be available in early November!

on Amazon and bookstores around the country.

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