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  • Jim Gleeon

Nothing Is True Unless its True for Everyone.

The most controversial book of the new Millennium? It could very well be for it dares expose the two things that keep us from knowing the truth about God-- SCIENCE and RELIGION!

SCIENCE GOD and YOU-- The Ancient Theory of Everything is available now in Paperback and in it you will find a complete collage of information from science and religion which together paint a picture of who we really are and how to to know and prove it to yourself--TODAY!

PREFACE -- SCIENCE GOD and YOU-- The Ancient Theory of Everything

If you are reading this book, or even deciding whether to read it, you are seeking answers to life’s questions-- as you should be, for the world is nothing but questions! WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE? And I will say up front—you can know the answer, as many do. Then your next question might be—then why doesn’t everybody know? This book is about two things that keep us from God—our science and our religion.

Religion is at a Crossroad:

Is God an Old Man in the Sky


Is God Infinite Love, Truth, Intelligence?

Science is at a Crossroad:

Is Science the study of a Material World, “out there”


Is Science the study of a World of Conscious Energy?

Why couldn’t this book be written until now? I believe it is because some are just now beginning to realize that the answers to the biggest questions cannot come from worldly intelligence. There are many among us with the mental ability to postulate ever more complex scientific prophesies in an attempt to understand the world-- and pay the bills. Understanding this world by thinking about it is like pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Luckily for the rest of us, this impossible feat is unnecessary.

As you will soon see, this is not a book for scientists. It is a book for people, including scientists. I am not a scientist. I am a generalist, an architect, and one who seeks to know how things are related. And for a generalist, the more you study, the more you understand that EVERYTHING observed or known by our senses is relative—meaning not absolute. This book is aimed at helping those not formerly or heavily invested in scientific knowledge, to understand the important implications of a basic “scientific” grasp of our world, and what authentic science is and can tell us about the spiritual or “non-temporal” world—the real world-- and what to do with that knowledge!

Remember, philosophy/consciousness/spirituality includes the scientific, but modern science has for hundreds of years, since Copernicus, refused to include the “non-physical.”

I’m sure you’ve heard the joke—why don’t Baptists have sex standing up? Because it could lead to dancing. In the same vein science has been able to ignore the dreaded idea of “consciousness” because it could lead to spirituality—until now. In 2016, as the relatively new field of quantum physics struggles to keep its discoveries from being perceived as uncovering the unthinkable—an intelligence bigger than our own-- we are on the brink of a revolution. There is a reason established science has been unable to theorize a bridge between the “material” world of mechanical physics and the ephemeral, quantum world of probabilities. The overarching “theory of everything” they seek will not be about complex mathematics. It is simply the Truth of our existence, It’s been around forever and it involves you.

You could call it the Ancient Theory of Everything.

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