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SCIENCE IN CRISIS-- Why is there Something and not Nothing?

Whatever was “something” before that did not exist in space and time. It was something outside of our understanding— at least our understanding of a “material” universe. Whatever caused the Big Bang was timeless and spaceless. But do scientists ask what caused this timeless and spaceless mysterious event? Not exactly. Instead, they assert: “There must be multiple universes.”

Of course, scientists, even atheist scientists, are smart enough to know that the answer, “God caused the Big Bang” is as plausible a cause as the “multi-universe” idea. But you will inevitably hear the scientist add that the God idea is unfortunately not a viable cause, but just an invented “coping mechanism” that the poor religious folks have that helps them better deal with not knowing how we got here. It never seems to occur to our scientists that their idea that there are billions of universes (or their other idea that life on earth came from aliens in our own universe) is also a coping mechanism. Talk about coping! Can you imagine the angst in the cosmology department of your local university when finally, they are forced by common sense to institute Intelligent Design Theory!

At the present time, science is in a conundrum it has never been in before. Between a rock and a hard place. The “rock” is the idea that something outside of space-time, something humans can’t directly under-stand, caused the universe and life of Earth. The “hard place” is string theory—the quantum understanding that the “physical” world “physicists” ARE SUPPOSED TO UNDERSTAND is not even “physical” but consists of only “probabilities of energy entanglement!”

God knows-- that is a predicament!

But, surprisingly, it is science itself which is currently causing some evolutionists to finally acknowledge the lack of substance in the “traditional” Darwinian theory so strongly defended by “scien-tainers” like Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye and Neil De Grasse Tyson. There is a move afoot to throw out the originally stated “causes” for Darwin’s evolutionary origin of the species— time, mutation and natural selection-- in favor of causes that sound more…uh, scientific. While acknowledging that “time,” “mutation” and “natural selection” are just words and have not proven very persuasive as causes for the present state of the world, their new causes are no less presumptuous. From Perry Marshall’s book, Evolution 2.0: Cells cut, splice, and re-arrange their own DNA. Horizontal Gene Transfer (cells exchanging DNA) is so universal, there are no hard limits to where genetic material can come from. Cells re-purpose new genetic material from viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other animals – in hours.

So now we are told, it is cells themselves which cause evolution. They rearrange their own DNA! These are the tools at the cell’s command, according to scientists, for causing new species:

  • Horizontal Gene Transfer, cells exchanging DNA;

  • Transposition: re-arrangements of DNA in response to changes in the environment

  • Epigenetics, heritable switching of genes on and off in response to environment

  • Retroviruses, which play a major role transferring genetic material from anywhere to almost anywhere else

  • Protozoans can splice their DNA into 100,000 pieces and re-arrange them in real time, in response to threats.

And now that the Human Genome Project has uncovered the fact that cells, chromosomes and genes do not control (cause) human characteristics (because there are nowhere near enough of them to do it), what of these newly discovered tools used by cells to evolve? Once again perhaps we are mistaking—transposing-- cause and results. Science comes up with a finer, more granulated understanding of what’s going on in the realm of the “teenie weenie” but still can’t resist granting cause to “words”-- mother nature, time, chance, natural selection, mutation, cells. Can words cause life?

But perhaps, for “the Church,” organized religion, its predicament has more to do with its own inconsistencies, hypocrisies and misunderstandings and less to do with the opposing forces of atheism. In spite of western religion and its man-made drift away from the miracles of Christ, God is still God. And whatever God is, it is for certain that this cause of the universe is/was/will be responsible for EVERYTHING we call science. So eventually, academia will not just have to include intelligent design into its quest for truth, but eventually science will return to the study of God, the originator and procurator of all Science! We may even come to understand “why there is something and not nothing?”

From Chapter 6, SCIENCE GOD and YOU--The Ancient Theory of Everything, Jim Gleeson 2017

Evolution 2.0, Perry Marshall, Benbella Books, Dallas Texas


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