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The Irony of Ironies

What is the ever-growing connection between Science (quantum physics) and consciousness? What is the difference between religion and God? Is "God" even religious? And how does it affect You?

Scientists are fond of saying science is about facts, reality, matter. It has nothing in common with religion, which, they say, is about mythology or at best, philosophy. And for hundreds of years religion has accepted the notion that the world of the flesh--matter--and the world of religion, God co-exist. However, as the natural science delves deeper and deeper into the quantum world, what does it find? It is finding that matter is not matter at all but some kind of vibrating energy probability--AND--this probability is changed by, if not completely subordinate to awareness--consciousness. Is this not wholly compatible with Jesus' saying "the flesh [matter] profiteth nothing; it is the Spirit [consciousness] that quickeneth"? He taught us not to "look on appearances...but the substance of spirit."

We live in a time when the whole idea of materialism is in question-- a time of upheaval no less than, and certainly more important than the "birth of science" with Copernicus and Galileo. We are experiencing the irony that it is man's science which has been or will prove to be based on the myth of materialism and religion, which is based on the reality of "Spirit." The irony lies in the subservience of the temporal world of the flesh to the eternal reality that lies beyond it--perhaps all around and through it.

People sometimes say that ancient similarities to biblical events and stories are evidence that Jesus' teaching is derivative and therefore meaningless. Actually the opposite is much more likely.-- and true. What if Jesus came not to bring a new religion but to enlighten, like those profits before him, a world lost to the Truth of our existence. Jesus didn't come to "die for our sins" he came to live and conquer the death accepted by the world as life's real and limiting condition. Our only sin is accepting sickness, lack and death as real. Believing that "GOD" is some kind of religious figurehead to be feared and worshiped as directed by a cadre of human priests, pastors and and theologians, is the myth perpetrated by man to keep the masses in the same darkness inhabited by the clergy. Jesus the Christ taught the same Truth alluded to by many others--the world we see is at best a very minor league of an infinitely major, eternal reality. At worst it is, as Jesus said "the father of all lies" and a self-inflicted, cult of sin, sickness and death.

Why don't Christian leaders dwell on the many statements of Jesus that refer to what is not religious at all, but metaphysical? The "Ancient Theory of Everything has nothing to do with man's physics but rather explains man's real and age old birthright in the non-physical realm of pure consciousness. Understood and experienced properly consciousness is EVERYTHING.

SCIENCE GOD and YOU-- The Ancient Theory of Everything

shows how our natural science will eventually point to the Truth outside itself and beyond matter.

This would all be just a part of the useless worldly philosophy were it not for the one difference between Jesus and all the rest of the prophets and spiritual sages throughout history. Jesus lived and proved the truth of spiritual reality, power and accessibility. He not only proved the omnipotence of spiritual substance he taught others how to join in thought with this omniscient, beneficent power and "overcome the world." Many may doubt the veracity of the biblical accounts of thousands of Jesus' healings, but one thing no one can change or negate is that you can, and many have proved it for themselves.

Upon reading

SCIENCE GOD and YOU-- The Ancient Theory of Everything

You will at least accept the possibility that a much larger and personal reality is available to you than the world would have you believe. You will find, as I have, that the thoughts given to you by your worldly experience, are not "you" and they can be released, exposing the "Truth that passes understanding."

Jim Gleeson 2019

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