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There is but One Problem; One Solution

There is a long list of crazy current cultural hypocrisies going around. Just three examples from this list may suffice to make a point: . If a man pretends to be a woman, you are required to pretend with him. . Somehow It's un-American for the census to count how many American citizens are in America.

.Our "news" is propaganda and our satire tells the truth.      We can all wonder at the ridiculous twisted logic of each of these examples. Individually they may be just curiosities of a culture unable to self regulate, but what we must learn to see and recognize is the common denominator-- the common thread running through the strange, problematic irony of new "realities."       There is, of course, an "intellectual" (I use the term in its loosest form) basis for the direction of the culture toward technocratic, secular materialism. Man's mental development, left to it's own devices, always leads away from the absolute and toward the relative-- the ever more "advanced" and ultimately useless complexity. Picture a 747 at 35,000 feet with 250 people watching The Avengers on their screens. Are they nearer to or farther from "wisdom"? Our technology has developed hand-held, pocket-sized devices connecting us to all the knowledge man possesses and what do we do with it? . Of, course there is a benefit also. I admit I get tremendous value from my smart-phone in many ways and musicians like Guy Michelmoor use computer technology to produce wonderful music. Using our "personal devices" we can instantly look up anything we need to know, the location of any destination, hear any song ever written, gaze at any artwork or check our bank account. We don't have to rise from the couch to turn on a lamp or play a CD. We tell SIRI or ALEXA to do it. We can watch a movie on our phone and pay for it by clicking PayPal Credit. We no longer need maps; we just tell our phone the address and it gently leads us to the destination. But, while we take "selfies" and order car parts from Amazon' with them, those in control of the software mine and sell the data to their actual clients who use it to sell you more stuff.

Luckily, for the masses of humans, there is a fatal flaw in this Brave New World of merchandizing and "soft control". a flaw the current collective couldn't possible believe exists. If the elites of the world believed this flaw existed it would be unnecessary for them to continue their charade. And without the fatal flaw it would be game over for any eventual and meaningful human development. The solution to the myriad array of human sufferings and misery (as well as the ultimately unsatisfying "good" we experience) is all around us, vibrating at a frequency invisible to our eyes. It is the only reality that matters--absolute reality-- that outside of what humans "know" and outside of space and time. It is the antithesis of matter, the solution unknown to masses and their "rulers".

"Outside of space and time?" you ask. "How could that possibly help me?"

This brings us to the "One Problem and One Solution." What if every possible problem, sickness, lack or even loss of individual freedom, is really only one problem? This is no secret. Many have known and do know about this absolute reality. It is has been taught and demonstrated in many ways throughout history, but is this the very same variety of the "spiritual" theologies that gives credence to secular humanists' argument that they are too numerous to take seriously? If they were true they would all be the same! Right? There are over a thousand different Christian denominations alone! But, we must ask, "Is it possible there is absolute Truth imbedded in those thousands of varieties of religion that even most of their believers don't quite understand." Perhaps that is the very reason there are so many denominations and branches. What if the billions of "religious" people aroung the world began to understand the common thread and the difference between believing and living the belief?

Few bother to think and study, much less to meditate on the silent Voice, to find a common underlying truth between, let's say, Protestantism, Hinduism, the Bible, Eckhart Tolle, Carlos Castaneda and Niels Bohr (the father of quantum physics). If you spent a year or two in study what might you find?

As an example let's take the Bible and Niels Bohr:

The Bible says in the Book of Hebrews 13:3 "The world was not made of things

that are visible." Niels Bohr once said, "Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.

Or if we compare Eastern religion with the western thought of philosopher Eckhart Tolle we might get:

"When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite..." Yogi Bhajan compared to Tolle's,

"To awaken within the dream is our purpose now...The ego-created Earth-drama

comes to an end and a more benign and wondrous dream arises. This is the New Earth."

     Two thousand years ago a human being with full knowledge of the infinite came to free mankind from the mental shackles of humanness and men hung him from a tree. He rose from the dead and, yes, there are billions of humans that do worship that man, that "son of God" as the Savior of the human race. But do these worshipers do as he said to do? Do they know in their hearts "there is nothing to fear" as he so often said? Do they love even their enemies as themselves? Do they love God with all their mind? Do they heal themselves of worldly sickness, lack and death? What is missing from their religious interpretations of his teaching and demonstrations, that if grasped, would allow the reality beyond the flesh to be accessed today as it was by Jesus two thousand years ago. Bicknell Young, the famous lecturer and writer of the early twentieth century put it this way:

As we gain understanding of God, if we are not the same Mind, having the same understanding of individual Being, our Being, God is still a theory. What is the difference between theory and reality? A theory is something believed, but not necessarily used or lived.Reality is being what one understands It is realistic Being.

Oneness, Bicknell Young

Perhaps the central questions we need ask are 1. Did Jesus access spiritual power outside of the material reality we know to achieve the literally thousands of what we call- miracles? and 2. does any human at any time have access to the same power? Jesus famously said, "Whoever believes in Me, these and greater things he do." We don't see a lot of people in our churches able to heal the sick, bring plenty to lack or raise the dead in the ways Jesus did. So, what's missing? Christian Scientists seem to be the only Christian group who hold to Jesus' complete teachings and spend their lives working to let go of the mental bounds imposed by human thought. Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christain Science taught that when jesus said we were"to be crucified with Christ" or to "slay the old man," he meant what he said. This is what Jesus must have meant when he said, "If you will follow my sayings you will never see death." HE meant that the real you is not the physical you, but the physical you and its thoughts are the only thing in the way of knowing the real eternal you. Get rid of ALL your ego thoughts because they are your only problem!

It would seem it's not enough just to believe in Jesus while holding to a reliance on the laws of the material world. Jesus and those proponents of many other Ancient and currrent "wisdom" would likely agree that as Fritjof Capra wrote in his classic book, The Tao of Physics:

Buddhists call this world of ceaseless change, samsara, which means literally, "incessantly in motion" and they affirm that there is nothing in it which is worth clinging to."

Now we come face to face with the one problem! How to be in the world and yet not of it. This is perhaps the most important question of all wisdom. It is apparent from religious texts that the "how" is built on Love, Truth and complete Faith. Jesus was our best example in that he was obviously not bound by the laws of matter. As he put it, "I and the Father are one--" not that he was physically God, but that as a classic pianist can be one with the piano, Jesus completely identified with Spiritual Truth and its larger reality-- even while "In the world." Apparently He expected us to do the same. Some may read this and respond, "well, you are making your own leap of faith in assuming the Biblical accounts of Jesus and his works are true!" This would be an entirely fair and reasonable assertion for it not that as we will see there is a solution and ample opportunity for individuals to prove this power to themselves as many have and will continue to do.

OK, so the "Problem" is believing that the illusion of what we call the physical world is all there is and it has power over you. So, what is the one "Solution" and how do I prove it? Here's an example: You are riding your bike through the woods, you hit a rut and fly off the bike, landing hard on the rocks...on your back. You have two choices. You can, 1. assume you have nerve damage and wait for the helicopters to spot you or 2. Get right up, get back on the bike and continue on. Now, if you believe the illusory world of the senses has no actual power over you (Jesus said countless times, "There is nothing to fear") why would you not get up and get back on the bike, uninjured? I know, it happened to me...twice. The obvious argument presented by the world is, "Oh, right you have have a broken back and you get back on your bike?" If you want to believe what I am saying--even a little, you may be thinking, "well, isn't that just an assumption?"

And you would be right. The world of problems is nothing BUT assumptions. Learning to not assume anything about what your senses seem to tell you is the provable path to peace.

In this video I related the experience I had in the Charlotte airport that was proof to me that when faith in Spirit is stronger than assumptions about the visible world, "impossible" things happen.

Reading this will not give you the faith to heal the illusions of the world. But reading others' accounts, as I have for years, will eventually give you the confidence to look within yourself for the source of absolute Truth which IS the only required SOLUTION to the one and only PROBLEM posed by the world.

The Truth is always available to be recognised. Start and just don't quit. ReplyForward

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