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What Exactly IS Enlightenment?


      Have you noticed that the world is getting more complicated, more stressed, more fragmented and less focused on anything of substance? Why is that?

      Perhaps it has always been that way but is only more noticeable now because it is speeding up. This may be the "Armageddon" that the Bible symbolically refers too. What I do know is that participation in this frenzy of mortal mind's quest to find relevance in temporal minutia is OPTIONAL!

      "The Road Less Traveled" is, as it has always been, at least available to all and is currently calling to those few with open minds. How do you know if that is you?

     Prerequisite #1

     Are you aware that the world's thoughts and processes are in fact a mental treadmill?

     Prerequisite #2

     Are you at least sometimes aware that "you" are thinking? By that I mean you are aware, at least that YOU are somehow separate from "your thought-stream"?

       If this is YOU then, congratulations you are already on the fast lane to freedom!

      You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.  John 8:32

      This Truth is capitalized because it is absolute Truth not the relative "truth" of the world of the senses. (This means it is true for everyone all the time) And it will MAKE you free when you find it because it IS freedom.

      I believe it was Ken Wilber who coined the phrase, "If you die before you die, then when you die, you won't die." This, to me, is important because it is the simplest encapsulation of all ancient wisdom possible in one sentence! The first three "yous" refer to the you of the world's making-- all the thoughts, beliefs and experiences that created the "you" you think you are. The last "you" is the real immortal you that is an eternal idea of the universal Mind of God.

When your body dies the real you is free to wake back up! Now, if you become aware (enlightened) of the understanding that you are not your body before it dies then-- to the extent you live in that understanding, you are free from the sin, sickness and lack of the world, and ultimately already free from death. Jesus put it like this:

       If you will obey my teachings you will never see death.   John 8:51

This means your tomb is already empty. You have begun the process of "Slaying the old man."

When the Bible says we must be crucified with Christ, many Christians take it to mean something to do with guilt for the death that Christ endured for you. But what many inside and outside of the Christian religion understand is that Jesus embodied the Christ consciousness of God and came to overcome death to show us our true place as children (ideas) of God.

Think of it this way. God is infinite. There can be no "place" within the infinite, so God is heaven-- God and Heaven are synonymous!

What does this all mean to YOU right NOW? Since you are reading this, you are interested in waking up to a bigger reality, right? Well, there is only ONE bigger reality and then, of course, we exist within it whether we are aware of it or not. There is no barrier to becoming aware of it other than our own stubbornness and refusal to let go of our myriad attachments to what seems do real to us. This is why many only turn to Spirit when "life" seems to have them in a deep pit of despair-- nothing to lose.

But why wait? There are many people inside and outside the Christian religion who have come to understand the universality of Christ as the ever-present reality and power of whatever we call God. There are many books which teach about this Truth, including mine. These are for all those who don't yet believe enough to act on their own faith and begin the process of letting go. Eckhart Tolle, in his book A NEW EARTH says that the one who is aware of his thinking is aware of the "dream and is "Consciousness itself". He goes on:

To awaken within the dream is our purpose now. When we are awake

within the dream, the ego-d\created Earth drama comes to an end and a

more benign and wondrous dream arises. This is the new Earth.

Miguel Ruiz in his book, The Fifth Agreement, used different language to say the same thing:

Silent knowledge is what you know before (and after) you invest your

faith in symbols. When you open yourself to Truth, and learn to listen, then

all the symbols lose their value, and the only thing remains is the Truth.

There's nothing to know; there's nothing to justify.

I tried to sum up the help available all around us in SCIENCE GOD and YOU--The Ancient Theory of Everything, when I wrote about seeing God as the Truth of existence rather than

just religious belief:

Turning toward God always produces results and there are people all

around willing to help. The Ancient Theory of Everything has always been

absolute SCIENCE; it is GOD and will always include YOU.

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