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Your Mind is Not in Your Brain!

Great News! OK it's not really "news". It's been this way forever.

But, science IS just waking up to the reality that we are not our bodies and our thoughts do not originate in our "physical" brains.

The brain is never the same because it changes with every experience you have, every moment of every day. In sum: Your mind is how you, uniquely, experience life. It's responsible for how you think, feel, and choose. And your physical brain merely responds to these unique experiences. Knowing your mind and brain are separate puts you in the control seat because you can learn to manage your thoughts and actions. Ultimately, it means you can choose what you build into your brain and how you choose to change what's already built in.

Catherine Leaf, PhD

Internationally famed biologist and stem-cell researcher Robert Lanza, challenged centuries old scientific materialism in his 2016 ground-breaking book, Beyond Biocentrism :

...The brain, tables and chairs all exist in the mind... You experience your mind's image of your body, including your brain, just as you experience trees and galaxies. Thus, those galaxies are no farther away than is your brain or your fingertips. Your mind is everywhere. It is everything you see, hear and touch--otherwise you wouldn't be conscious of it... the mind has no location. It is everywhere you observe, smell or hear anything.

But this is not just "science"-- confined to text books and scientific papers-- no, this is applicable and life-changing for everyone and anyone who chooses to begin a new way of living.

Think about it. If your mind (you) is not in your brain or body, what happens when your brain/body "dies"? Answer: Nothing. You continue to be "alive", but without the limitation of a seemingly material body. This what the truly wise among us have been saying for millennia. Jesus said in John 8:51, "Truly, Truly, I tell you, if anyone keeps my word, he will never see death."

In the book, The Oneness Hypothesis, Philip J. Ivanhoe, et, al, the authors tell us:

Challenging dominant views that presume that the proper scope of the mind stops at the boundaries of skin and skull, The Oneness Hypothesis shows that a more relational concept of the self is not only consistent with contemporary science but has the potential to lead to greater happiness and well-being for both individuals and the larger wholes of which they are parts.

And in Beyond Biocentrism, Dr. Lanza sums up the ancient idea of "oneness" this way:

...We are a single essence. We are transactional. We see now why sages have been talking about "The One" since at least 2400 B.C.E. they saw it. They got it... Oneness acting with limitless energy and animation, effortlessly, never running out of steam.

And so the old scientific quest for a Theory of Everything can never be fulfilled as long as man's science attempts to include the macro scale world of the senses in an equation or theory that explains reality. Why-- because this world of space-time is temporal illusion and has nothing to do with the infinite oneness that is eternal. Physicist, Laurence Doyle, explains it this way:

...It is the road of science to take the evidence of intelligence always as superior to that of the senses...less material accompaniment with more understanding is the trend in virtually every scientific field...More and more understanding and less and less matter, leads, of course, to complete understanding and no matter.

So, an obvious question would be, "How do I fit into this "Oneness"? Well, if your mind, your thoughts, are not in your brain, then they are part of the infinite, consciousness many call, God. Call it what ever you like, but it is all that has ever existed and your non-physical self, your "soul" is part of it along with everyone else. So, then where did this temporal world of the senses come from?

The material world we seem to live in is only held up to each of us by our agreement and attention to it. Its hold on you is released to the extent you withdraw your attention.


The Ancient Theory of Everything,

page 166, Jim Gleeson, 2016

This idea of existence outside of the body of the senses, of course, will all seem like pure fantasy to those coming upon it for the first time. However, because it is actually true, it becomes familiar and welcome quickly as one considers its possibility. Since you have read this far, the reality of the "substance of Spirit" as mentioned in the Bible has attracted your attention and will continue to do so. Your life will become more harmonious as you think the world's thoughts less and live in the moment more. Start by becoming more aware daily that you are not your thoughts. They are not coming from your brain and you are not a body!

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