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                                  Jim Gleeson


      After winning several awards for his sustainable design, and frustrated by the politicization of the Green movement he helped to create, architect Jim Gleeson did something un-expected—he began to do his own research.

      His first book, Judges Kings & Pirates traces this research through the trials and tribulations of the fictional architect, Gilbert Becket.

      This began over ten years of intense discovery in the workings of a polarized world which he hadn’t previously questioned. This catharsis birthed a need to write and share.

      The Matt Lacker trilogy (#3 coming winter 2022) traces one man’s journey from worldly corruption, struggle to understand the difference between religion and God, then ultimately to experience spiritual awakening.

      In 2015 Mr. Gleeson founded Science, God and You ( to study and share information on the growing understanding of “SCIENCE, as nothing other than the study of GOD’s creation and its connection to YOU.”

       In 2016 he completed a major non-fiction work,     SCIENCE GOD and YOU--

The Ancient Theory of Everything,

which brings into sharp focus the results of ten years of research into natural science and ancient wisdoms, including Christianity. The conclusions are both eye-opening and breath-taking. Each of us is only a hair-breadth away from understanding and rising above the trials of the  world we live in.

      Jim Gleeson and his wife, Janet Live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jim's hobby is music and he is currently recording songs he wrote many years ago while living in Atlanta. Below is an example: "Merry Go Round" is one of his metaphysical songs written long before he gained a clear understanding of their meaning.

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