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ENLIGHTENMENT It's Not Rocket Surgery!

A short definition of "enlightenment" could be: "The state of attaining or having attained spiritual knowledge or insight." One could ask, if there is an accessible "Spirit World" then why wouldn't everyone know about it? That seems to be a good and logical question and is perhaps the principal reason many either don't believe it exists or decline to spend time and effort to find out. This, even though there are thousands of books that purport to describe this attainment of Spiritual or metaphysical knowledge and peace. One of these is the book of Psalms. Its 91st Psalm says:

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the

shadow of the Almighty.

Many refer to this aspect of protection brought by the understanding of this illusive enlightenment as "Safety."

And though [the seeker's] beginnings may be small, wrought out in trials and patience, he knows that in the measure of his enlightened faith they do bring him

assured spiritual dominion, for they link his consciousness of being with the source

of all safety-- omnipotence itself. SAFETY, Blanche Hersey Hogue

Apparently the main deciding factor in the small per-capita rate of enlightenment is that most are NOT LOOKING FOR IT! "Seekers" are relatively few, it seems. Because you are reading this you are already very, very special. Perhaps if it were more widely understood-- the simplicity of it (if not the persistence required), then more would seek relief from the trials and tribulations of the world of the flesh. Over my forty-some-odd-years as a part-time seeker I have gradually come to a clearer sense of what this awareness of our immortal nature actually is and how to at least begin to access it and benefit from the inevitable peace it brings-- relief from the anxiety of the world. I wrote a book about it-- see shameless plug below.

But, since writing the book I've endeav- ored to find the shortest way possible to ex plain the simple, but usually very gradual, process of getting out from under this "anxiety of life." I've condensed it down to four steps with one prerequisite. The pre- requisite is that one's mind must be open. You wouldn't be reading this if yours wasn't, but I mention it because you may be tempted to tell your friends about your decision to become ENLIGHTENED! Big mistake. Wait until you are able to SHOW them through your newfound calm and fearless demeanor. This will give you added incentive to stay the course and reap the rewards. Do it FOR your friends and family out of Love. Love is the fuel.

STEP 1 Become aware that someone is thinking your thoughts. You are not those thoughts streaming through the cloud of your "consciousness." The someone experiencing those thoughts is the real you-- not the thoughts. The world that seems solid and outside of you is actually thoughts manifested. Being able to differentiate between the thoughts and the awareness of them puts you on the path. Now you know what you have to do.

STEP 2 Become comfortable with the realization that the real you is not all those thoughts. You are not all the memories, beliefs, experiences or anything "physical" that you once thought of as "you."

STEP 3 Begin to accept the understanding that "sin" is not a list of "naughty" behavior. Sin is belief that the world is anything but what Jesus and others have referred to as "the father of lies." Enlightenment is not some elevated way to be in the world-- it becomes gradually, mental dominion over the illusion of a material world. Hard to believe, isn't it? Jesus did not bring a new religion. He demonstrated the truth of life. When he said, "If you will follow my teachings you will never see death," He was saying, "you will know who you really are, masquarading as limited matter and you will know that the "death of the body" is meaningless. The real you is not a body-- life never dies! Meditate frequently-- relax and wait. Practice until you can feel the connection quickly.

STEP 4 "Meditate the world." Learn to apply the relaxed state of meditation constantly. As Jesus put it, "Pray incessantly." The real you doesn't need that cloud of worldly thoughts to get along quite nicely in the world while you're still here. Your world will gradually improve, bend and mutate to the harmony of your new reality-- dominion of your newly discovered spiritual connection to omnipresent God. Learn to see your thoughts as separate from you and instead live connected to the still, quiet space-- in the "Truth that makes you free."

For His spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God's children.

Romans 8:16

No, it's not Rocket Surgery or even Rocket Science. It's the pinnacle of Science-- God's science, which says, "The only thing between man( God's idea) and his rightful, permanent connection to infinite Mind, is the misplaced illusionary belief in the world. "Enlightenment is the natural order of things. You are on your way!

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